What's the difference between a truly successful leader and an absolutely average business owner?

Leaders create and sell their amazing products and epic services more intuitively and with more ease. 

More than internet influencers, they’re highly sought after, recognized for their expertise, and making a real, lasting change.
Leaders define their narrative, decide their methods, and take action in their own way.  



I'm Dez.

I'm a leadership coach+consultant here to take your business+career to your one-of-a-kind, fully designed, next level. 

The level where making money, closing deals, and making sales is even easier than it is right now. 

The level where you don’t have to worry if things are getting done and are able to actually trust that your business and team will work for you.  

The level where you’re more relaxed, focused, and confident about the choices you make and directions you turn. 

The level where you’re not simply running a business, you’re leading your business.

Basically, I turn business owners into focused and fearless leaders through a customized mixture of strategy, mindfulness, and harnessing the power of their personality to raise their profile, empower their team, and create the business of their dreams.  


My job is to forge you into the leader you were born to be. 

With an MBA and over 3 years experience working in a 7-figure startup, I know what it takes to make a business grow.

With an MS in Applied Psychology and over 8 years of clinical experience, I know exactly how your mind works when it comes to change.

And when we work together, we bring out the best in you. And you bring out the best in your business. 

Ready for your first step and to take the Legendary Leadership Challenge?

Desiree W. is the CEO + Founder of boutique consultancy Sugar+Spikes Consulting, because leaders aren’t born, they’re forged. She holds a Master of Science in Applied Psychology and a Master of Business Administration with a focus in Marketing from Pacific University. She completed her undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Social Work from University of Portland. She is a two-time research fellow for the National Institute on Drug Abuse at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Minnesota. A native of Orange County, California, Desiree pursued her academic career in Portland, Oregon where she achieved all four of her degrees. She currently lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband, rescue pup, and found forest cat. She is a cohost and founder of The Sugar and Spikes Podcast, a podcast for strong, creative, ambitious, and somewhat sarcastic gals who get that life isn't as simple as we'd like to think and who want all the tips and tricks to make it easier to reach their own unique dreams, their way.