Astonishingly average business leader achieves astonishingly average results.

Definitely not a headline you want to pop up about your current business.

But, you know what that looks like right?

A client enquiry doesn’t get answered, and the client goes to your competitor.
You're losing sales because people don't know you or business exists.
Your leaders are leaving you for “better opportunities elsewhere”.
You’re leaving money on the table by not including your diverse client base or embracing the brilliance of your diverse team.
You deeply believe in your business and team, but feel like you're just blending in with everyone else when you know your business is made to stand out. 

All of this makes for an average business making average profits.

And you (and your team) are anything but average.

Sugar and Spikes Consulting helps businesses and teams of all sizes who are ready to face the challenges of shifting workforce expectations, training trends, and marketing strategy, so they can gain more exposure, operate more efficiently, reduce communication concerns, increase team performance, and nurture their workforce to lead them into the next stage of growth.  

We use our 15+ years combined experience to provide organizations services focused in four key areas:

Legendary Leadership Coaching
Our signature offering 4 Months of direct coaching and support with Sugar and Spikes founder, Desiree Wiercyski. When we work together you will learn how step into your unique leadership style, sell your offerings more intuitively and with greater ease, define your narrative, decide your methods, and take action in your own way, and become the brilliant leader your business deserves.  Learn More 

Social Media and Content Marketing Strategy
Remember the days when selling something was as simple as making an offer? We don't either. Marketing has never been easy, and strategies to gain engagement and interest are changing faster than ever. Your job is to know your business. Our job is to help others know your business so you can make the sales you want. 

Diversity Training
Studies show that the more diverse your workforce is, the more profitable your business is—if you know how to work with it.  And really, isn’t it time you connect with all your dream customers and clients rather than just a small segment?

Team Building and Development
Team trends come and go, but there are timeless tools to use to help develop your teams in a way that brings out the best for the individuals and so your teams have less drama and bring in more dollars.


Who are the brains behind Sugar and Spikes Consulting?
Sugar and Spikes Consulting is founded by Desiree Wiercyski, MS, MBA and Tammy Truijens, MA, MBA. 

Desiree Wiercyski, MS, MBA

Desiree Wiercyski, MS, MBA

Tammy Truijens, MA, MBA

Tammy Truijens, MA, MBA

Right out of grad school, Desiree started working with a consulting firm based in Portland, OR where she fell in love with the flexibility and excitement that comes from working with many different companies. She also learned the importance of teams and systems in a small business environment. At Sugar and Spikes, she loves using her education and experience to help companies enhance their leadership and team development strategies.

A retired Marine turned psychologist, Tammy has seen the need for organizations of all sizes to  have accessible trainings based in sound psychological theory. Her primary focuses include mindfulness in the workplace and diversity. One of her biggest passions is combining her business education and expertise in psychology to help clients be successful on both a personal and professional level.

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