Your sales are stagnant or slow-growing.

Your content is getting crickets.

You’re so distracted by the daily demands of your business that you can barely dream of your next level.

You’re somehow simultaneously bored and overwhelmed in your business at the same time, like you’re treading water. And have been treading water for a minute now. #exhausting

On the surface, you’re the badass entrepreneur you wanted to be, and it feels like you’re still somehow running on a hamster wheel. Deep down, you’re tired, frustrated, and ready for a change.

You’re ready to break out of the revenue rut you’ve been in for longer than you’d like to admit.

You’re ready to shake off the monotonous messaging that’s been your default mode and really say something that you’re excited to say.

You’re ready to connect with your customers and community on a whole new level, where you’re developing authentic relationships and authority so when you speak, people take action.

You’re ready to stand out from the crowd so your brand can shine no matter where it’s seen.

You’re ready to get some help in your business and  inspire your team so they’re looking out for your business’ big vision, not just their paycheck or paid invoice.  

You’re ready to leave behind all of the self-imposed limitations and lies that you’ve been holding back and be truly free so you can continue to grow your business your way.

You’re ready to focus on your favorite pieces of business and remember why you started all of it, so you can enjoy this thing that’s become bigger than your dreams.

You’re ready to do more with more ease, less stress, and the help of people who have your back, so your message can reach more people, more lives can be changed, and you can make more money while doing the things you love.

You’re ready to take the time and energy you know is essential to invest in your business’ biggest asset—yourself.

You’re ready to rise above the noise and the day to day distractions to truly build the freedom-giving, money-making, world-changing business you know it can be, as opposed to the energy sucking, stress inducing thing that it is.


You're ready to elevate.

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It’s not about having a new business plan, a new look, or a new offering. It’s about having a business that operates on your terms, gives you the cash flow you want, and lets you live the life you dreamt of when you started this whole big brilliant thing.

When you make the decision to elevate your business you receive:

  • {16}  45-min coaching sessions
  • A full Facet5 personality profile report
  • Comprehensive business status review and report
  • Year-long Access to The Business Revolutionaries (not so) Secret Society Membership Portal with 4 new trainings every month
  • Access to the Sugar+Spikes design team for branding, social media and designed content development such as branded banners, workbooks, IG story images, intro images for videos, etc.
  • M-F email and Voxer messenger support during working hours (9am pst-6pm pst).
  • Fully customized strategy and tools to grow your business in a way that works for you.
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You’re ready to elevate your business if:

  • You’ve achieved consistent success, but feel exhausted because you know you’re working too hard for not enough money.

  • You have a team of either of contracted employees or independent contractor such as a VA or designer  (or you want to hire help soon).

  • You’ve been in business at least a year.

  • You've cracked the 6-figure year (or are nearly there).

What people are saying...

It was so refreshing to find Desiree. She really took the time to understand my brand, the audience, and the goals before giving me any information. Once she had a good analysis of my business, she provided me with tools I could use to successfully grow my brand awareness and conversions"

—Anicia Anya, founder of Burpees+Brunch, NYC.

Kristen Headshot - DSC_0212.jpg

“Going through the Facet5 profile highlighted ways I can use my personality and natural skills to make business easier and how I can improve the way I work with my business partner to better support our clients. The report packet and review session was unlike anything I’ve done with a personality assessment before, and Dez provided insights and connections I wouldn’t have thought about."

—Kristen Thiry, co-founder of K+H Connection

Desiree cut straight through all my defensive maneuvers and showed me how I hold myself back with the way I've viewed myself in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Now I'm looking at myself in a more positive light, and I'm using what I've learned from Facet5 to help me be aware of where I am, where I want to be, and how I'm going to get there!

—Roxanne Karr, owner of Dog-Eared Books, Carson City, NV.

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Why I’m the woman for the job:

I’ve been accredited and giving Facet5 personality assessments for over three years. I also have my MS in Psychology, which means we’re going to cut through a lot of the bullshit of you holding yourself back. I have an MBA and worked for years in a 6-figure startup which means when it’s time to talk strategy and business-tastic type stuff, I've got you.


+ What exactly do I get?

When you sign up for Legendary Leadership Coaching you receive:

  • {16} 55-min coaching sessions
  • A full Facet5 personality profile report
  • Comprehensive business status review and report
  • Year-long Access to The Legendary Leadership Society Membership Portal
  • Access to the Sugar+Spikes design team for branding, social media and designed content development
  • Unlimited email and messenger suppor
  • Fully customized strategy and tools to grow your business in a way that works for you


Do you have an hour about why it’s not great? No?

Long story short, it was created by two people with no training, there’s no real evidence it’s any good and in fact, all the research that’s come up lately shows it’s pretty useless and widely disregarded in the psychological community. It is a fantastic example of what good marketing and timing can do though!

The Facet5 was designed by professional business psychologists and created for leadership development. In fact, it was recently called “every entrepreneur’s secret weapon for success.” It gives you so much info, you can only get your results from someone trained in understanding the results. (Like me!)


OMG, totally! The information you get and will help you understand how you interact and respond others so you can better connect not just with your team, but your customers as well. In our four months together we’ll review where you are, define where you want to be, and build a plan that fits your style, aligns with your company, and will get you where you want to be.


Like with most things, it depends. This package is designed with established entrepreneurs in mind, but if you're feeling called to this, it is your opportunity to build your business from the ground up, how you intuitively know it’s meant to be. Don’t waste months (or years) taking stabs in the dark, trying out things that deep down you know won’t work but you’ll try them anyway because so-and-so says it’s “the path” and build your business on your terms! If you feel like this is your jam, then go ahead and apply so we can chat.


I believe that the information provided through the test is powerful and life changing, and that the best results come over time, with guidance and having access to someone to ask questions to a few weeks down the road when something pops up. Because of that, the Facet5 is not available as a stand alone service.


The Facet5 is powerful for 1:1 coaching, and even better when teams take it at the same time! If you are signed up for the Elevate package, you can add on additional Facet5 assessments for a minimal cost.


Yep! Apply for a call and we can set up a payment plan that works for you.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to elevate?