To your best friend, it looks like you’re totally crushing it.
To the interwebs, you’ve got the following & community you’ve dreamt of.
At work, you’ve got the title, position, and paycheck you’ve had your sight on.
On the outside, things look fab!

But deep down it feels like you’ve got no idea WTF you’re doing. And, you’re completely freaking that people are going to find out you’ve been fluking it.

  • It’s impossible for you to delegate anything, which means your plate is so full you’re always drowning in work and responsibilities.
  • You’re working longer and harder than anyone you know + having downtime stresses you the fuck out, because what if it all falls apart?
  • You feel like you haven’t earned the success you have, because you still have no idea how you ended up here.
  • You avoid leveling up and trying for something bigger and better because you like to stay right in your comfort zone.
  • You feel like you know exactly zero and have accomplished sweet FA compared to someone else in your circle.
  • Your current level of experience and education doesn’t matter. You keep telling yourself you need more of both before you’re allowed to go do all the things you want to do.  

Does any of that sound familiar?

Well, it might feel like you’re the only one in the world that feels like this.
But you’re not alone.

It’s called Imposter Syndrome. And it happens to everybody.

It happens when you’ve had a little bit of success, when you naturally slay your goals, when you up-level in your business or get a promotion, when you generally step up and own your amazingness and it goes well.

Which means it’s happening to you right now.
There’s two options for you.

One. You bury your head in the sand and do nothing about it.
You stay exactly where you are, experiencing little bouts of success, never realizing your full potential.
You stay stuck in the worst way—living a life knowing that deep down you want more but can’t ever get it.

Two. You Slay Your Imposter Monster.  Off with its head!
You make the kind of money your journal-dreams are made of.
Your success keeps doubling and tripling, and growing.
And you grow into your full potential.
You life your best life every freaking day.


Here’s the thing,
You’re one capable AF badass.
You’ve been challenged.
You’ve conquered.
You’re more than ready to step into bigger, bolder, badass things.

Things like:
Writing that book
Asking for that promotion
Creating that blog or podcast
Starting or uplevelling your own business

The only thing stopping your success?
Your mind.
She’s messing with you. Big time.
We’ve got to work together to get your mind right, so it supports your soul's goals.


What would it feel like if you knew that nothing was a fluke and you’re right where you should be because you’re the right person for the job?

What else could you conquer if your brain was cheering you on rather than holding you back?

How much more money could you make if you charged the prices you knew you deserved, or went for the job you know you’re meant for?

What would it feel like if you showed up boldly, authentically, and able to connect with your team our audience on a whole new level?

It’d be pretty fucking amazing right? I mean, you’d be unstoppable!
Then seriously, you can’t let yourself walk away from one of my favorite video and workbook bundles:

Conquering The Imposter Monster: The 4 Step System To Take You From Play Small For Fear Of Being Found Out As A Fraud, To Slay Goals + Living Unstoppable Badass Life You Were Born For.

You’ll get IMMEDIATE access to 4 videos, totalling over 2 hours of content that will teach you:

Module 1: The Fake Out
We’re going to learn about all the ways your mind fakes you out. We’ll also start to develop a solid foundation of skills by trying out some mantras so you can combat that BS when it pops to stop those thoughts in their tracks and not be shaken.

Module 2: The Workout
This module is all about honesty and naming the thoughts and feelings you’re dealing with. You’ll learn how to acknowledge where you’re at without giving away your power to the thoughts and emotions, so you can stay in control at all times!

Module 3: Showtime!
This module is all about showing your brain who’s boss! We’re going to shut down the compare and despair game going on in your mind and learn how to have your brain be your biggest cheerleader to show up boldly and brilliantly.

Module 4: Own it.
The final module is all about moving on and embracing the truth - that you’re right where you’re supposed to be to get to where you want to go. You’re going to move on from any mistakes or bullshit that’s happened that may be fueling the imposter-monster, and own your brilliance so you can conquer anything in the most confident way.

You also get a 30 page workbook to dive deep so you can immediately apply the content to your current situation and take control of how you feel.

BONUS: Mantras To Slay Your Day
The workbook also comes with 8 mantras I chose specifically for this course, allowing you to start shifting your thoughts and reigning your way right from the start!

Get this confidence-boosting 4 module video+workbook  bundle for $97 today!


  • Feeling relaxed and actually in control of your life because you’re confident in your abilities.
  • Getting more money because you’re confident to ask for more come raise time or charge more for your services because you know in your core you do good work and are worth it.
  • Being able to step back and take a break because you have a team and resources that support you and you know what you’ve built is strong AF.
  • Walking through life knowing you’re exactly where you’re meant to be, and you’re just getting started.
  • Taking any challenge or opportunity head on and leveling up faster than you thought possible because you know nothing great was built from ordinary.
  • Owning every kickass accomplishment you’ve had and leveraging those to take on even bigger and better things.
  • Living life knowing that you’re already the kickass leader you dream of being and finally stepping up and acting as such.

Ready to conquer your imposter monster? 
Let's do this!

Receive immediate access to all 4 video modules, the PDF workbook, and bonus mantras to slay your day for just $97!