This is a moment to hold onto, for sure!

You got hit with a brilliant moment of confidence; lightning bolt of inspiration.  And you’re SO EFFING EXCITED.

Time to pause, get everything together, make sure the timing is right, that everything is just perfect, then finally get started.

I mean, that’s how all the best things happen, right?

Oh, sorry, actually that’s how all the best things never actually see the light of day.  

My bad.


Here's the deal, you know that's how it goes, and you're tired of having a moment of inspiration then having to manage all of the excuses for why you haven’t done the thing.

…I’ll do it later.
…I just don’t have time.
…I’ll get to it, it’s just TOO good, I need to be in juuuuust the right mindset to take it on.

Excuse after.excuse.

Or sometimes it’s not even an excuse. Sometimes, you go straight to freaking out.


…what if they laugh?
...what if it’s pointless?
…what if it doesn’t work?
…what if no one cares?
…what if no one buys?
…what if they say no?
...what if it goes really, really wrong?
...what if I fall on my face and fail?
…what if…

You never actually do the thing you set out to do.

I get it.

Inspiration means trying something new. I mean, have you ever been insanely inspired to do something you know and love? Things like that, that you know well and love, feel safe and comforting, NOT inspiring and like you’re on the edge of something amazing, or taking it to the next level.

But with change, with trying new things, things that take your breath away and make your heart skip a beat, there’s natural uncertainty, caution, and general angst-driven nervousness.

Why? Why would your brain do that? What type of cruel joke is it?

The thing is, brains HATE uncertainty. They HATE anything that doesn’t fuel the super basic, Evolution 101-level drive to simply get to the next day, alive.

A really stupid part of your brilliant brain doesn’t know if you’ll make it back alive once you step out of your comfort zone. Even though you totally will.

Things that bring change or newness, don’t come with the safety factor that your brain knows and loves. They feel dangerous. So, your we make up any excuse it can to not go through with it.

Suddenly, things that were the last thing on your mind, become super important to take care of first and foremost, before taking on whatever inspired project you thought of. Suddenly, you have the longest to-do list, and  most active imagination in the world, and can come up with 101 ways things could go wrong.

So, you don’t do the thing.

You don’t write the book/blog/paper.
You don’t launch the podcast.
You don’t build the website.
You don’t start the business.
You don’t  go for the promotion or new job.
You don't enroll in that class or program you want.
Whatever it is, you just don't do it. 

Maybe on a good day, you'll start to work towards it, but actually see it through? 

But if you’re brain is powerful enough to think of anything and everything bad that could go wrong, and if you can feel those things so powerfully, the way you do, then, couldn’t your brain also think of all the ways things could go right?  Couldn’t you feel the awesome, amazing, magical feelings that would come with everything going right?If you could, wouldn’t you?

…what if they love it?
...what if it changes lives?
…what if it’s perfect?
…what if it’s a hit?
…what if I smash smah goals?
…what if they say yes?
...what if it goes really, really right?
...what if I stand strong?
…what if…

What if you could take those feelings and use them to actually do the thing that keeps calling your name— the thing you think about in the middle of the day, that pops up in your mind those nights you can’t sleep.

If there was a way to get over yourself, and not just start working on your dreams, but tackle them in a way that feels do-able and like something sustainable and won’t forget about the second life gets a bit crazy, you’d go for it, right?

Of course you would!

Because you know the way you’ve been trying to do the things, hasn’t been working out that great and you’re ready for something else.

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