Your Dreams Died


The dreams of creative freedom, lazy Mondays, no dress codes, having extra money to buy the things you want, the ability to live your own version of an extraordinary life.

The dreams of knowing you’ll have money without selling your soul.

The dreams of doing not only what you fucking want to do, but what you were born to do.

But You Killed Your Dreams.

You said they just don’t matter to you anymore.

I mean, not explicitly, but you’ve definitely decided that:

It’s not working.
You’ve tried.
Nothing happened.
You’re done.

So You Buried Your Dreams. 6 Feet Under.
Fuck That!



Goals CPR: A Quick + Dirty Mini Course To Revitalize Your Dreams, Get The Skills To Keep Going + Create Your Extraordinary Life.

Because Your Dreams Matter.  And deep down you know it.
They matter so fucking much that even as your dreams lay 6 feet under, they’re still hanging on. Begging to be heard and rescued.


Your dreams? They’re strong AF.
They’ll never bail on you, even if you kill them 5 times over. They’re not too big and scary and wrong.
Your dreams aren’t the issue.
You are.

Your brain’s telling you that what you’re doing right now doesn’t matter.

Someone is already making the thing you make, writing the about topic you love, doing the same thing you want to do, so why does your contribution matter?

Truthfully? It matters, a.lot.

Because no one is doing it in your special way, speaking to your special peeps.

Oh, people aren’t engaging or responding the way you want them to, so why should you keep showing up?

Because you don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. You have no idea who is saving up the cash to buy your thing, or really taking to heart your latest post. But, the longer you keep going, the more people you’ll reach, and you’ll come to learn that it’s always mattered.

But here’s the thing, and here’s where it’s not entirely all on you…

It’s also society and culture.
We rarely get a glimpse of when success looks like as it builds. Sure, we see the ones who have hit the shiny sales numbers, built the following that can only be described as #goals, or reached the top of their career. But, what about the time from start to success?


Did you know:

Most businesses fail within a year.

It takes about 10 years to hit “overnight success” status according to Inc.

Only 3% of entrepreneurs succeed (likely because they just give up. See above.).

That poor broke pizza guy sleeping on his girlfriend’s couch with $2 to his name turned billionaire overnight is the anomaly. Or is full of shit.

Your dreams and goals didn’t come to you overnight (at least not the long-term, big picture, huge amazing fabulous ones) and it’s verrrrrrrrry unlikely you’ll hit them overnight.

So, you’re at a bit of a crossroads, huh?

From where I’m standing, those dreams and goals, they’re looking damn near dead right about now.

You could leave them and let them pass on, as you move into a state of mediocrity, which isn’t so bad, yet slightly soul crushing.
Or, you could perform Goals CPR, revitalize those dreams, get the skills to keep going, and create your extraordinary life.

Sign up now for the Goals CPR course.

Here’s how we’ll revive your goals:

  • Module 1: How To Make It Happen When You Don’t Remember Why You Started

    • Learn how to define what's really important for making progress on your goals and projects

    • Create clear action steps to move forward with the passions that keep calling your name

    • Receive super simple steps to always be engaged and enjoying the process (and why you need to!)

  • Module 2: How to Make It Happen When You’re Impatient AF

    • Establish a system to track your progress and see the results

    • Why success or progress isn't happening as fast as you'd like it to, and what to do about it

    • Find out the one reason everyone else is (seemingly) crushing it, and you feel like you’re barely functioning.

  • Module 3: How To Make It Happen When You Don’t Live in a Perfect World

    • Develop a plan for what to do when things go crazy, everything gets in your way, and you want to scream, throw something, or use language that would make a sailor blush

    • Learn to let go of the idea of perfection

    • Establish 3 key skills to manage your stress and anxiety, and build your confidence as you watch your dreams return to life

You’ll ALSO get a workbook that has:

  • Prompts to help you develop the confidence to know you’re right where you need to be

  • Special, customizable mantras (quotes, phrases, whatever word you want to use) to keep going, handle the noise, and stay true to you in the process

  • Questions to help you shake off the BS

  • Ways to flip the script when things go wrong and see what’s truly possible

  • Space to be real about what’s working and what’s not

  • Tricks to clearly identify where you’re running into problems and when your progress stops

All for only $55


What would it look like if you not only revitalized your dreams and goals, but you also started actually accomplishing them?

How would it feel to actually build the business you’ve been dreaming of?
To make the content you’re born to make?
To start the website/blog/podcast?
To live a balanced and fulfilled live?
To have the cash and the freedom you want soooooo badly.
To know that you’re waking up each and every day taking steps to change your life and change your world?


If you’re ready to drop the excuses, do the damn thing, and bring your dreams and goals back to life, then sign up for my Goals CPR course today!

Or, get ready to pour one out for the dreams and goals lost.


Get this goals-saving bundle for only $55.
Because your dreams are worth it.