Average business owner makes average income and leads an average life.

No waves made. No lives changed.

Definitely not a headline you’ll see in a newspaper anytime soon.
But if it’s hitting a little too close to home, read on.

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If you’ve been looking up to internet influencers, pseudo-qualified business coaches or any of the countless leadership books and podcasts, then you’re acting like a follower.

And if you’re not leading, you’re following.

The difference between a truly successful leader and an absolutely average business owner?

Leaders create and sell their amazing products and epic services more intuitively, with more ease, and actually have a true following.

They’re highly sought after and recognized for their expertise. Which means leaders get paid. Handsomely.

Leaders are movers, shakers and money makers.

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Introducing: Your new business advantage. (spoiler: you've had it all along).

Step into your unique leadership style and sell your offerings more intuitively and with greater ease.

Become highly sought after and recognized for your expertise in your field.

Define your narrative, decide your methods, and take action in your own way. 


The reality: you’re living your life at a mid-management level. And you’re not okay with that anymore.

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It’s time to rise up to a new bar, set a new standard and take your business into the kind of future that’s full of possibility and profitability.

It starts with you.

Bring out the best in you. Bring out the best in your business.

That's what takes your business to your one-of-a-kind, fully designed, next level.

And the way you step into your next level, that’s up to you.

See, I don’t do gimmicky packages or promotions. Leaders see through that stuff so fast.

That’s why I have 2 crystal clear, super simple ways you work with me 1:1.

Month-to-month or a 3 month package. 


 Feeling like you just need a quick fix? Then month-to-month is the way to go. It’s you, me, 4 sessions+email access, and a full Facet5 personality assessment.

Ready to truly rise up and be the leader you’re meant to be? Then you're ready for the 3 month package.  It’s you, me, 12 sessions+email access, and a full Facet5 personality assessment.

Note:I only have a limited amount of monthly and 3-month client spots available. Inquire now for availability and to lock in your spot to be the leader you’re made to be.

When we work together, it’s not “just” coaching.

We’ll develop your new business plan. But it’s not just a plan. It’s your money-making, ass kicking, freedom-giving, unique AF way of life.

You’ll get new insight and clarity with 10+ pages from a kickass personality test. But it’s not just any personality test. It’s your own North Star for your business, helping you to block out the noise and do business your way.

You’ll build your new business toolkit. But not just any toolkit. We’ll craft a system that works for you, and stems from tools, tricks, and strategies  used by million dollar companies for years and is your new secret weapon for success.

And the best part is? You decide what that looks like.
Simply pick your path to becoming a legendary leader.

What people are saying...

Desiree cut straight through all my defensive maneuvers and showed me how I hold myself back with the way I've viewed myself in terms of strengths and weaknesses. Now I'm looking at myself in a more positive light, and I'm using what I've learned from Facet5 to help me be aware of where I am, where I want to be, and how I'm going to get there!  
Roxanne Karr, owner of Dog-Eared Books, Carson City, NV.

It was so refreshing to find Desiree. She really took the time to understand my brand, the audience, and the goals before giving me any information. Once she had a good analysis of my business, she provided me with tools I could use to successfully grow my brand awareness and conversions" Anicia Anya, founder of Burpees+Brunch, NYC.


Why I’m the woman for the job:

I’ve been accredited and giving Facet5 personality assessments for over three years. I also have my MS in Psychology, which means we’re going to cut through a lot of the bullshit of you holding yourself back. I have an MBA and worked for years in a 6-figure startup which means when it’s time to talk strategy and business-tastic type stuff, I've got you.


What about the other personality tests like Myers-Briggs?

Do you have an hour about why it’s not great? No?

Long story short, it was created by two people with no training, there’s no real evidence it’s any good and in fact, all the research that’s come up lately shows it’s pretty useless and widely disregarded in the psychological community. It is a fantastic example of what good marketing and timing can do though!

The Facet5 was designed by professional business psychologists and created for leadership development. In fact, it was recently called “every entrepreneur’s secret weapon for success.” It gives you so much info, you can only get your results from someone trained in understanding the results. (Like me!)

I’m in direct sales/an MLM, can this help me develop my team and leadership abilities?

OMG, totally! The information you get and will help you understand how you interact and respond others so you can better connect not just with your team, but your customers as well. In our three months together we’ll review where you are, define where you want to be, and build a plan that fits your style, aligns with your company, and will get you where you want to be.

I have a 9-5 job I love, do I have to be an entrepreneur or own a business for this package?

Nope! While I do work primarily with entrepreneurs, I also love working with folks who want to uplevel their corporate game as well. The Facet5 will give you so much insight into how you interact with your team, and do your job, you’re sure to step up and stand out from the crowd. This is a perfect package for you if you’re thinking about changing jobs or going for a promotion because I’ll be with you for 1:1 support every step of the way.  

What if I’m just starting out in my business, will this be useful for me?

OMG YES! Seriously, don’t fucking wait. This is your opportunity to build your business from the ground up, how you intuitively know it’s meant to be. Don’t waste months (or years) taking stabs in the dark, trying out things that deep down you know won’t work but you’ll try them anyway because so-and-so says it’s “the path” and build your business on your terms!

Can I do the Facet5 test without the 3 months of coaching?

I currently do not offer standalone assessments. I believe that the information provided through the test is powerful and life changing, and that the best results come over time, with guidance and having access to someone to ask questions to a few weeks down the road when something pops up.
I do accept applications and a few select opportunities for a month-long coaching package in order to make this information & resource more accessible. email dez@sugarandspikeslife.com for more information. 

Do you offer payment plans?

Yep, no sweat!
1x payment of $5,500
3x monthly payments of $1,925
6x biweekly payments of $975