You are not a trend.
And neither is your business.

You love your business more than you could ever explain.
Your business isn’t like your baby. It is your baby. Or one of your babies.
You’ve poured your heart and soul into it.
You’ve experienced the highs, the lows, and all the inbetweens.

And, right now, something’s not quite right.
And you can’t quite put your finger on it.

The clients aren’t coming as often as you want.
You’re avoiding the things that used to fuel your soul.
You feel stagnant, you’re ready for a change.

After all, you know your business is limitless. At least, as limitless as you.

Deep down, you know you need a shift in perspective; to be able to get a different view.

Except, the coaching world can be skeezy AF with plenty of nontrepreneurs shouting out half-truths. Whose idea of strategy is something that worked for them one time that they fell into. And you know you can’t trust your business with that noise.

You’re not ”just” an online entrepreneur.
You’re not “just” a coach.
You’re not “just” a network marketer.
You’re not “just” a side hustler.

You are not a trend, and neither is your business.
You’re a legit business owner with a legit business.
And you know it’s time for some legit business coaching.

Gone are the days of paying someone an astronomical amount of cash and simply being told to “follow your flow.”
Gone are the days of hiring a coach and being shamed into their strategy.
Gone are the days of finishing up a coaching contract only to be left standing there, wondering wtf you got out of it.

It's time for you and your business to get the legit coaching you deserve.

When you sign up for legit business coaching you get {4} 55 min sessions where we will:

  • Conduct a full business review of where you've been, where you are, and where you want to go.
  • Dive into your internal systems and processes, making sure your business flow is working for you.
  • Talk marketing and messaging! We'll review how you're getting your name out there and look at new ways to build your business.
  • Plan for the road ahead. It's time to strategize your growth so your business can shine.
  • PLUS email support with guaranteed response time within 24 hours M-F.
  • AND while we work together, you’ll have access to the full Legendary Leadership Society member portal (valued at $75/month)

By now I’m sure you’re wondering who dubbed me the queen of legit business coaching, right?

Well, I did. But not because of some random impulse decision or lucky experience with a specific strategy.

Because with an MBA and over 3 years of business development and marketing experience working in a 7-figure startup, I know what it takes to make a business grow. As an entrepreneur who has been featured in publications such as Huffington Post, Brit+Co, Hello Giggles, Yahoo Lifestyle, and more, I know what it takes for your business to stand out. And, with an MS in Applied Psychology and over 8 years of clinical experience, I know exactly how your mind works when it comes to change. 

And right now, change is exactly what you and your business need.

Claim your spot now $750

Biweekly payment plan of $400 available