I see you.

You’ve spent a lot of your life doing the things you were told you should do. But really, you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.

And trying to figure it out, while you manage everything else? It’s exhausting.

Winging it is your mode of operandi. It’s confusing AF.

You’re tired of feeling like you’ve found your path only to watch it get eaten by the requirements and demands of everyday life. It’s disheartening. Exhausting. And just generally awful.

There’s A Better Way To Do Life Than Just Taking A Stab In The Dark.


There’s A Better Way To Do Life Than Feeling Like You’re Constantly Sacrificing.


There’s A Better Way To Do Life Than The Way You’re Doing It Right Now.



Except, right now it feels impossible.

Juggling family stuff, relationships, friendships,  professional growth, work, and all the other noise that life throws at you—it’s exhausting AF.

You want to own your future. Take control.  Blaze your own path.
But you have no idea how to step into it and do the things that need to be done.
Moving forwards feels fucking impossible.

Which leaves you overwhelmed and wondering:  Where do I even start?So you resort to walking through life in zombie mode.

It’s Time To Shake Off The Bullshit In Step Into Your Own Unique Boldness, Brilliance, and Badassery.

Introducing: Bullshit-Free Life Coaching

- 1 x 60 min call per week for 12 weeks-

-Unlimited FB messenger access-

-All access pass to my digital courses-


Here's what happens when you drop the bullshit...


// Find clarity around priorities and how to juggle responsibilities to accomplish everything fighting for your your attention.

// Develop skills to manage overwhelm so you can stay focused and accomplish your goals.  

// Build your courage to go to the next level you so you can get that raise, start your business, launch your blog, take that class, or take on whatever your own personal next step is.

// Practice tools to be assertive so you can get what you want instead of always wondering what if.

// Increase your confidence in knowing you’re enough to show up as your authentic self.

// Refine your direction to take the next step so you can focus on projects and be consistently productive to build up to big wins.

// Learn relaxation and mindfulness skills that work for you so you can stay present and focused on what you’ve got to do.

// Discover a new understanding of where it is you’re stuck and action items to break out of the cycle so you can not only develop awareness about habits holding you back but know what you need to do to conquer those tendencies.

// Create a plan to focus on your passions so you can take on projects and challenges with excitement and dedication.

// Hone a strategy to organize your life so you can focus on your passions to keep momentum going and change your world for the long-haul.

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Hey, I’m Dez

With an MS in Applied Psychology and over 8 years experience working in the mental health field, I know exactly how your mind works when it comes to change.


I use my knowledge and experience to make change accessible. Having worked with hundreds of individuals taking on dramatic life change, I approach every coaching relationship from a place of complete acceptance and unconditional support.  

I believe that you are doing the best you possibly can in the moment. Any struggles, conflict, or anxiety comes simply from not having what you need. And it's my job to help you get what you need.

I’ll help you shift from going through life from a place of lack, to walking through life knowing you have everything you need and so much more—because you’re strong, brilliant, one-of-a-kind, and worthy of everything.

Working with me means you have someone in your corner who will be a source of support, clarity, encouragement, honesty, and safety. My goal as a coach is to challenge my clients to get to their next level, whatever that means for you.

I serve as a sounding-board and provide a casual, open, safe, nonjudgmental space for you to process, think out loud, say whatever it is you need to say without fear.

We’ll work together to create a shift in thinking and develop a different way to see things in order to get out of whatever is keeping you back from being as amazing as you can be.

Real change only happens through actions, which is why starting from our very first session, I provide tools that you can use immediately to start making real life change.

It’s so easy to get hung up on the idea that success or growth is an all-or-nothing experience.

That’s completely not true.

Life is full of in-betweens, middles, and grey areas—that’s where beauty and growth most often live.  

When we work together, I’ll meet you where you are and begin to challenge any preconceived or ideas you may have in order to develop balance and provide a way to acknowledge and embrace all the stages of growth you conquer. Because it’s the small victories that lead to big changes.

"A session with Dez is like hanging out with my best friend. She just gets it, is willing to push me when I need it, always leaves me feeling not only more confident but capable to do what I need to do, and obviously cares about my growth. Her passion and commitment to creating a safe, challenging, and even fun space for change is rare and something we could all use more of." S.T. Chicago, IL.  

"I don't like coaching or anything self-helpish. Or I guess I should say I didn't like coaching until I worked with Dez. I've talked with so many professionals in the helping field and read countless books to deal with my stuff, but nothing ever clicked. It was all either too full of fluff or too complicated. After seeing Dez on Facebook for a while, I scheduled a free call, and even just that was more beneficial than most other things I've done before. I immediately signed up for a coaching package and love knowing I can check in with her whenever I need a boost. Dez has a way of connecting and explaining things that makes change and taking risks less scary, and much more doable. F.C. Portland, OR.

Bullshit-Free Life Coaching

- 1 x 60 min call per week for 12 weeks-

-Unlimited FB messenger access-

-All access pass to my digital courses-

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"Working with Dez is so refreshing! She keeps things positive but won't sugarcoat anything either. Dez helped me find the confidence to make the choices that were right for me, and not simply follow along with what I 'should' do. Now I know the path I'm on is the one that's right for me, not my family." Christina R. Portland, OR.

"My favorite thing about working with Dez is that I can say literally anything and there is absolutely zero judgment or shock, just care and openness. Knowing I had the space to say anything was priceless and allowed me to sort out so many tangled relationships I was dealing with."  Rachel Parker, Orange County, CA.


How do I know we’re a good fit?

If you’ve read this far and are thinking about it, then we’re gonna be unstoppable! #fact

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! OMG payment plans are the best things ever!

Here’s the breakdown #soeasy

  • 1x payment 3 month package with 12 sessions is available for $3,600
  • 3x monthly payments of $1,295
  • 6x biweekly payments of $685

What if my schedule is inconsistent and I need to reschedule multiple times?

No problem! We’re all humans with stuff going on! Just give me at least 24 hours notice that you need to reschedule your appointment and it’s all good!

Have another question?

e-mail with any questions!