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Welcome to The Sugar and Spikes Resource Library which currently includes cool stuff like:

  • A video training with 3 Super Simple Tricks to Manage Anxiety for When You're Crazy Stressed
  • Fake, faux, fool, and...14 Words to Forget & Reign Your Way A two-week journal to get over all the negative self-talk, step up, and embrace opportunity. 
  • A PDF workbook with Essential Morning Plans for Anyone Who Hates Mornings (but still wants to conquer the world)
  • 20 Questions:Business Plan Edition A PDF workbook that will help you refine your idea and help you decide next steps to start your own business/side hustle or take it to the next level.
  • A quiz to be able to answer the question once and for all, What Type of Boss Babe are You? [Are you a Make It Work Maven, Social Siren, Ultimate HBIC, Curating Queen, or Benevolent Babe?]


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