Ready, set, ACTION!

Picture it—Monday morning.

To most, the worst of the seven mornings. Especially when they start at 5:30. And this past Monday, I couldn’t agree more.

Honestly, nothing awful happened. But I woke up in a mood. When I say “mood” I mean, I woke up sad, angry, and generally feeling all of the not fab things. Considering I just woke up from a lovely relaxing Sunday, there was no reason for me to be as done with it all as I was. But oh man, I was over it before I even lifted my head from the pillow.

After about 3 minutes of contemplating my existence, the meaning of life, and cursing like a well-educated, angry, sailor (in my mind of course) I rolled out of bed and started to work out. Seriously, 3 minutes. I gave myself a moment to wallow in whatever it was. Then, I begrudgingly got up to do the things.

The next 30 minutes included my body taking over to do what it does, and by the end of the workout, my mood had already improved. At least, it improved enough for me to continue my regularly scheduled morning...even if it included some grumbling.

By the time I left for the office, I had worked out, watched a strategy training, come up with key next steps for A+A, and completely turned my attitude around. Without even trying. I simply kept moving and doing what I do every morning.

When I got to the office, I was met with a couple unexpected, happy surprises that wouldn’t have been nearly as awesome if I was still being unreasonably bitchy. As 10am approached, I had pitched a sponsorship opportunity that the client was excited about, sold a last minute registration to an event. I was on cloud 9, and not only had my attitude shifted, my whole mindset went to claiming and owning all the positivity available.

I am awesome and awesome things happen to me!

That day was day 11 of my “Up & Away In 90 Days” mindfulness challenge that I’m doing with me, myself, and I. At that point, I was feeling pretty good about it.

Then my boss walked in the office as I was having a laugh with some of the team. He closed the door and sat on the couch. My team started to walk out, but he told them to stay.


My attitude of owning the world plummeted. No matter how positive and resilient I am, shit is gonna go down. I mean, it’s never good when the boss walks in and closes the door, amiright?

No. I wasn’t right. I was actually very wrong.

He proceeded to give us some of the best news ever—

The office is going fully remote!

That’s right! The thing I had pitched Friday afternoon, that he said he needed a couple weeks to think about, was confirmed and supported before 11am Monday morning.

I got my dream answer, less than 72 hours after the pitch.

I’m not saying that the universe answered me because I just kept pushing on through my mood of doom. Though, my resolve for my 90 day challenge was definitely renewed. At the very least, it was a reminder that the energy we put out, brings back more of the same.

That’s not just a mindset practice theory, the science says you can only spend a few minutes (less than 7) complaining and venting about something before your brain starts to really buy into the anger and triggers a cycle of negativity.

The piece that many forget to talk about when discussing mindset and energy work is that sometimes, you need to make your own energy. That can be, and often only needs to be, as simple as moving

The mind-body relationship is symbiotic, each dependent on the other. When one is week, it’s up to the other to step up and help out a bit. One of the biggest keys is knowing which one to flex and which one to rest.

I could have easily spent my Monday morning just thinking about my mood and being upset that I was upset. (We’ve all been there, right?) But, I let my mindset take a break from all the positivity and work. Let's be honest, for some of us, that shit is work sometimes. Taking that break, allowed me to reset, refocus, and take on a week that definitely needs a little extra.