Excuse me while I #life.

Life is funny isn’t it?

A couple weeks ago, I was kicking ass. Prepping for a work event, spending time on A+A, hanging with the family, pretty much being balanced #af.

But, during this whole time, I couldn’t help but have a voice in the back of my head saying “this is a good moment, but what about when you hit the low?” I acknowledged the thought, understanding we all have moments of being on the ball and other moments of just barely holding on. I enjoyed the moment for what it was.

Then my work event happened. 60 execs all meeting in Chicago for 3 days of education. I was the point person. I was also presenting 5 hours worth of content throughout the event.

Did I mentioned I’d also signed up for the Real Talk for Business Mastery summit the day before I flew out to Chicago?

And in the days following the Chicago event, drove out to Indiana to look my house, and find a house for the bestie. Oh, yeah, I put an offer on a house sight unseen and checked it out a week later. #nobig.

By the next Monday, I flew back to PDX, and showed up to work the next day.

That was Tuesday and I’m writing this Wednesday afternoon. Editing and posting Saturday.

It feels like it was a lifetime ago that I was making progress and super invested. Then...


Everything hit and I went so long not thinking about this piece. A piece that is my core.

There are times where, no matter how much you love something, and know you need to do something to show it a lil love, you just can’t. Something, somewhere, got lost in the plot. The driving force was snapped. Something happened. And, you remember the positives and passion, but the momentum to get back in the saddle isn’t there.


I needed a week to recoup from the work event and traveling. I can’t stop thinking about closing on my house. The only planning I want to do is decorating.

But, I also know that I have huge plans for the summer months at work now that we’re in a bit of a lull. I remember being so excited for the event to pass so I could focus on A+A.

So, what do I do? How do you get back into my groove?

Do something.


Anything that moves my goals forward.

So, with that thought, and in a fit of honesty and transparency, I make my return to the blog.

Things aren’t always perfect. They don’t always go according to schedule. Momentum gets lost. And in those times, it goes back to the idea of, just one step. Just one thing. Because then, it’s better than it was before, and you have a starting point on which to build your next kickass stream of productivity.

This past week, my one step started with drafting this blog. Then, a step turned into a leap and I did an interview with Auguste Crenshaw for the Real Talk Summit. (Get your tickets here!)

Is A+A fully launched yet? ...errr...not quite.

Did I something to jump into it again? Definitely.

Your one thing doesn’t need to be huge or a large commitment. It can be. But it can be as simple as a few words on paper or take as little time as a minute. Before I knew what I was doing with A+A I would literally sit down and tell myself to pause for one minute to consider the project. Often, one minute turned to five and five minutes turned into five hours. Sometimes, one minute was literally all I could do that day.  

So, if you’ve lost some momentum, or haven’t even been able to get started, what’s one thing you can do to check the box for the day?