Don't get it twisted: the small stuff is the biggest.


In my last blog, I talked about how I totally changed my life in 90 days by setting some pretty big goals and taking very specific steps to achieve them. The whole process was so successful that I couldn’t wait to start another round.

But, what would I do this time?

In the weeks leading up to my move, and immediately after, I realized I kept using the phrase “I just need to get my feet on the ground.” Whether it was work, the blog, or any number of other things, I said that statement more times than I can count.

Every so often, trends like this pop up in our lives. Sometimes, they’re so subtle (or you’re so busy/disconnected) you don’t even notice them. And, the times we really need to be tuned in to these cues, are the times we’re most likely to miss them. But, these trends can tell us about needs or wants that we’re not even tuned into, which could be affecting other pieces like our moods, emotions, outlooks, and even actions.

During the move, I had so many ideas for how to chronicle the adventures. Insta, FB live, podcasting on the road were all things I had every intention of doing. I even bought a power inverter to keep my laptop charged for the drive. What do you think ended up happening? Did I do all the things and end up being super successful?

My social media went dead for almost two weeks! Everything I was working on came to a complete halt.  

“I just need to get my feet on the ground.” It kept coming up.


My deeper need for the moment overtook the things I thought I should be doing. I took a pause that resulted in me building a strong foundation for the amazing things to come!

This pause let me appreciate everything I accomplished.

-Buying a house

-Taking charge of my career & future

-Making $$$

It was a huge moment. And I almost missed it. Because I just wanted to get to the next thing.

But I caught myself. I paid attention to the small stuff. And embraced moments I can never recreate to build a life bigger than I can imagine.

Up until a few months ago, I kept looking for the magic behind it all.

How do I maintain excitement, keep momentum, and deal with life? My moments of inspiration were big, bold, and brilliant. Then fizzled out. Fast. Because the perfection, the dreams, they couldn’t stand up to life.

You know what I’m talking about.

The blog inspiration that hits and the baby is crying.

The business you want to develop but can’t because your 9-5 is more of a 9-9.

The creative piece you’re dying to put together but, there’s something else that needs your attention.

And don’t get me wrong. You’ve started it. Developed it. 100x over. But getting to the end. Or even a point where it feels like you’ve done something more. It escapes you. And you burn out. 

That’s how my story would have ended with these goals.

Except this time I did something different.

I was okay with this flaws. I let things go. I took action. I embraced the minutia.of subtle success. And I waited. And I pressed on.

And I’m doing it again.

But this time, with a twist.

Last time, I went big. Bigger than I thought I could go. But, we can’t always uplevel like that.

The moments that mean the most, the days that change your life, are the ones you never expect.

I did not wake up the morning I set my 90 day goals expecting to change my life.

There’s beauty in the small stuff.

There’s accessibility in the small stuff.

There’s magic in the small stuff.

That was quite possibly the biggest lesson I learned going through my personal Up and Away in 90 Days Challenge, and that’s what I’m bringing to my Fall-ing for Success in 90 Days challenge.

The small stuff.

Like last time, I set 3 crystal clear goals:

  1. 500 new names.

  2. $7500 in cash

  3. A plan for a passion

But these ones, they’re tiny right? Things so many would just brush over. Except right now, these things are huge for me.

They represent:








So many things are fueled in goals that so many see as so small.

And that is the point of this 90 day challenge.

Because success is not in the greatness of our dream our goals. Success is in the small stuff. The stuff everyone else ignores. When you conquer that, you can conquer anything.

So, if you want to, join me on my 90 day journey to honor, respect, and respect the small stuff. The stuff so small most wouldn’t bother as making goals, because they know they’ll hit them. Then join my group. I’ll be checking in throughout the week with updates on my end, and offering up support for everyone else that joins in.

And I should note:I included numbers on my goals. That is because including numbers on goals is a personal growth area for me. (Don’t you know? Even coaches have to grow!) Do not compare your numbers, your goals, anything to mine. I could go into why I picked the numerical values I did, but that’d be very.very.boring. I’d actually leave them out but transparency is a thing for me, and I’m not going to hide any part of this with you guys.

Wanna know more? Join the group!  

Desiree Wiercyski