3 Steps I Took to Literally Change My Life in 90 Days (aka how I manifested 10k+, bought my dream house, and made a job I love, in 90 days.)

Picture it: April 27 and all the days surrounding it.

I was in total shambles. In my 9-5 to life, every day I walked into work not sure what my boss was going to be upset about. And I was just stagnant; at a loss.

For over a year, my boss and I had a great working relationship, up until around January when things just went bad. Work went from being something I loved and found inspiring to something that I just dread.

In my personal life, my bestie was planning on moving across country. I get it. People move. Friends move away from each other. But, I’m not exaggerating when I say that with her moving away, it meant I’d have no friends in the state. What can I say? I’m not uber-social IRL and I I was definitely going through a thing.

With regards to personal development, I was desperate to get my shit together. I graduated grad school a year ago, and felt like I had taken enough time to just mess around doing a basic full time job. I needed to start saving, get my finances in order, develop a plan around the blog and business.


It was time.

Except, with so many big things swirling in my head, I had absolutely no idea where to start. I was desperately grasping for any starting to get it together.  WTF was I going to do? I was desperate, and stuck.

Here’s the thing though-when you call, the universe will answer. Some And at this point, I was pretty much yelling.

Up to this point, I knew about mindfulness practices. I was no stranger to the idea of “setting an intention”, except I knew about it more in terms of for each individual yoga class, or capturing the moment for anxiety reduction from grad school. The word “manifest” was creeping on my radar and started to sound less weird after reading You Are A Badass At Making Money.  

So I took it and I ran with it.

One morning, I set aside 20 minutes to journal and to set 3 goals. 3 huge, dream goals that would be mind-blowing if they actually happened. Goals so big, there was a part of me that didn’t even believe they could happen.

  • Goal 1. Buy my dream house. In helping the bestie find a house in Indiana, I stumbled upon a house so perfect that it had to be mine.

  • Goal 2. Be able to keep my job and work remotely. It’s no secret I have a full time 9-5 (see above for the slight work drama occurring at the time) Did I mention, the dream house was thousands of miles away in a city I’d never visited?

  • Goal 3. Manifest 10k. It could be through whatever (legal) means came about. If I was buying my dream house and moving across country, I was going to need some extra cash, and I was open. 

Once I had those goals, I had a a path. It was pretty simple to be totally honest.

Each goal required I take certain steps that I either knew, or knew I needed to spend time figuring out, and taught me lessons I’ll never forget.

Goal 1: Buying a House

Lesson learned:Thoughts and words are energy. They fuel the choices you make and the results the universe delivers.

As a bit of backstory, the goal of buying a house was actually kind of ridiculous in my world.

Last year my husband and I lost almost 10k in a real estate deal that fell through literally in the final hours because of regulation and policy changes. The mortgage broker we were working with at the time essentially said we’d be renters for life. At the time, I thought he was right because I swore I would never go through that ordeal again.

Skip to 9 months later: I’ve seen the dream house and knew if it was going to happen, I’d need to face those mortgage demons. So, I ripped the bandage off and went for it.  

I got a pre-approval letter from the first application I submitted.

I could not believe it. Except, I could. Because the house was already mine. I knew it, the universe knew it, the rest of the world just needed to be brought up to speed.

My time in escrow was long. Any time something came up, my gut reaction was to freak out. But, every time I started to go negative, I went back to the initial key mantras I set. I flipped the script. I spoke and wrote positivity into existence when my mind was going the opposite way. Less than two months later, I closed on the house.  

Goal 2: Keeping my job, and thus my salary.

Lesson learned: If you own your shit & step up, the universe will too.


I went into this whole plan at a pretty rough point in my office life. My boss and I had been butting heads for months.

(Hold on, before I continue on, can we all agree that 9 times out of 10, when there’s long-term conflict, and things with a person or situation just don’t seem to figure themselves out, chances are neither party is truly innocent in it all? K, good.)

The tension between me and my boss leading up to the unexpectedly life-changing morning where I set my 90 day goals may have started small and originally been unintentional. After a couple months went by, everyone knew what was going on. He and I had such a good working relationship before things went south that I totally referred to him as my work spouse. Then, there was trouble in paradise. It was the talk of the office. 

A few months into it all, I definitely was not helping the situation. I was passive, resentful, and not taking any steps to try and make things better.

How was I going to fix something that took so long to go so wrong?

It was actually not as hard as you'd think...

By that point I knew all the things that really fueled the flames because really, I had been digging in my heels, being stubborn and ridiculous. That mean I also I knew what not to do and new actions to take.

And I did it. The way my boss wanted it done. 

Initially, it was really just empty actions, but then our working relationship began to normalize and even out. A week into my attitude and action reframe, I was already receiving positive feedback from my boss. The initial steps were so painful, and to be honest, felt like I was selling out a little bit. But I knew what I wanted outside of the office, I knew what I wanted for my career development, I knew what I wanted my 9-5 to look like and those pieces meant so much more to me than trying to make a point.

I got over myself. I stepped up and made the changes being asked of me. And a month later, was getting the go-ahead to be fully remote.

Next level officially unlocked!

Goal 3: Manifesting 10k. Because a house won’t furnish itself.

Lesson learned: There’s mindset work to be done at every turn. #beprepared

When I set an intention to manifest 10k, I didn’t put any parameters around it. I just knew I’d be spending more money at one time than ever before in my life (with the exception of school, of course). I figured, if I was putting out so much cash, the least the universe could do is re-invest in me a bit.

But, how the hell was I going to come up with $10k? I wasn’t ready to launch any new products and knew I couldn’t take on any clients because of the upcoming move. When I work with clients, I’m there for them 100%. Weeks passed. I kept my intention and made sure I was open to opportunity.

Then, my husband suggested selling our second car. It was something we talked about a year ago, but it was his car, just a year old, and we both loved it. I couldn’t really ask him to sell it. Even though we didn’t really need it.

Except, this time around, it was his idea. And I never expected the reaction I had.

On the outside, I agreed and we started taking steps to make that happen. On the inside, I was freaking out. I was sad about it, feeling like it was a loss. I was terrified people were going to think I was poor. I went into a full blown catastrophe-driven fear because after all, a car is a resource and why are we getting rid of a resource? What if we need it? Working through the internal drama was not fun The worst was, even in the moment I knew all those thoughts and worries were legit craziness.

It doesn’t mean I didn’t need to work through them. They’d pop up randomly throughout the day and would throw me off of any groove I managed to hit. Doing the mindset work to shift from fear to thankfulness, and changing my perception of getting rid of a resource to acquiring an alternative resource ($$$), was pretty intense.

Not only did this show me some facets of my money mindset I would have never considered before, I learned to appreciate every situation as a learning and growth opportunity beyond the surface level.

If I hadn’t been in the space where I was actively learning and processing my relationship with money, I would have just come up with reasons to not sell the car and moved on without any growth. I know this because we went to the car dealership 3 times to sell the car, and each time, I subconsciously (or consciously, depending on who you ask) left something at home making it impossible to complete the transaction. If that’s not an example of self-sabotage, I don’t know what is.

But, I did the work I needed to do. Not only did receive even more than my initial intention, I got through some shit that would have just continued to hold me back.

July 26. 90 days later.


I’ve closed on the house, have been working remotely for a week with my boss already giving me new responsibilities, and am continuing to develop a mindset of abundance and fearlessness. I learned so many things doing this challenge, and completely changed my life.

I can’t wait to start the next one: Fall-ing for Success in 90 Days. And this time, I’m going public about it all, and I’d love to have you join me!

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