Whatever you're doing in your business, don't do this!

I had such a huge realization today, both for my business and life. And guys, it’s so fucking simple. I’m not going to do a huge build up to this, let’s just get to the point-

No matter what you’re doing, don’t let down future you. (They won’t be pleased.)

Ughhhh I know.

I know it sounds trite. And lame. At first thought, even my eyes roll.

So what happened that made this entry-level inspirational Pinterest quote resonate so loud in my life?

Well,  back in December/January I really started putting energy into A+A & msMBA. During the initial setup, I kept going back and forth between developing everything under A+A, or giving the msMBA brand it’s own legs. I ultimately decided to keep everything under A+A. I think I made this decision because at the time, not making a second site meant things would be easier to start.

Want in on a bit of a secret though?

I was never fully content with that idea.

But I kept plugging on, trying to figure out a way to combine small business consulting and training with one-on-one coaching.

It was okay. Though, I was rarely in love with the pieces we were developing.

A+A has its own life and identity which I’ve fallen in love with over the last 6 months. But giving A+A room to grow meant I started to sacrifice pieces of why it even began in the first place.

I started with this spark of an idea to connect with  young, emerging female entrepreneurs and leaders expert developed content that will help them crash through whatever glass ceiling they may find themselves up against. I wanted to make sure that these awesome, fearless, snarky rule breakers had access to the best content and resources available.

Somewhere down the road, that purpose got put on pause and it became about developing and accessible businesses consulting firm. Strategy, messaging, design, team and leadership development, are essential to grow as a small business. Yet so many small business owners don’t have the resources to find all those pieces. So, I pulled my team together and we started developing those pieces.

I know, looking at it laid out, in black and white, it’s so clear these two ideas don’t fall under the same umbrella. But I kept silencing the voice inside that was constantly telling me that it would work.

Then I went to work on launching. Content was done, freebies made, we were good to go. Except the marketing piece.

Oh shit. Who are we talking to? How will they connect? Wait, what’s going on?

Guys, when I went to work on the marketing for A+A, I kind of lost it. I may have cried a bit a lot. It was only in that moment that I fully knew these two purposes couldn’t live together.

And here’s the thing, and it’s a great example of why coaches are so important for both entrepreneurs and small business owners—messaging, strategy, all that jazz, that’s what I do during the 9-5. So much of my time is talking working with the owner and challenging which pieces fit with the business, which ones don’t, and how to decide if we’re going to dedicate resources to something.

Except, when it came to my own business, I spent 6 months ignoring everything I logically knew.

I was so close to the idea. I totally could have used a me from the get-go.

Side note:Guys, seriously, I don’t care where you are on your journey, if you don’t have a coach or a mastermind group that is going to challenge you and make you look at things critically. Go find one. It doesn’t have to be me, it could be. That could be awesome. But it doesn’t have to be. Either way, if you find a coach or community you can connect with, omg you’ll save so much time and energy. And we all know, time and energy=$$$.

Also, trust your gut/instinct/heart/etc.

I knew combining the ideas wasn’t great.  But I reasoned it out so it would make sense. Until there was no way it could.

Don’t get to that point.

If you start to feel that inner struggle, take some time to really work through it. I think I talked to my team for maybe a total of an hour going back and forth. That was not nearly long enough given the amount of impact the decision would have.

If you need to bounce things off of people, go, talk to people. Join a FB group. E-mail me. Just get other views that aren’t your own. If you pay attention, every time you do, what you want will become clear.  The brain is lazy, it’ll look for a way to reason out the path of least resistance. The heart is fearless and will lead you to your real passion, where you’ll be ready to do the extra work.

Oh, and in case you didn’t catch it, A+A and msMBA are becoming separate things.

And I’m so fucking excited!

Desiree Wiercyski