A change is coming, and it's pretty awesome!

Hi everyone!

I'm gonna keep this short and sweet, cuz I'm so excited about it and want to move on to getting some shit done—

The msMBA blog is one of my favorite things ever, but with things picking up on the biz dev side coaching and course development, I've decided to really focus more on that.

That means I'm officially taking the pressure off myself for the weekly posts (which I was barely living up to anyways, let's be honest here). Instead, I've decided to launch a vlog.

The consistent piece will be Martini Monday, a weekly check-in done LIVE on my FB page where we chat about all things business, money, and life. And of course, as inspiration hits I'll have some other fun posts as well. 

I'll still keep the writing piece up as inspiration hits, but for the most part, I'd LOVE to have you join me over a martini and just chat each week. Or watch the video after. Your choice! ;) 

There are HUGE things coming, and I couldn't be more excited. And this is just a part of me making space for it all.

So, like my page to catch the lives.

Join the Sugar and Spike Society for Strong, Spiritual, and Successful #bizbosses for replays, or just check back here!

What are you doing to make space for your dreams to come about?