Stop Suffocating Your Dreams

Hi everyone!

It's been a minute since you've heard from me via blog format! (But I know you've been totally keeping up with Martini Monday and the vlog!.)

I've been a bit quiet because I've been building. And connecting. And making shit happen behind the scenes. 

And with things finally solidifying, I do have something I feel like you need to hear right now—



Whatever you’re doing to grow and further your business is NOT a make or break moment or strategy. I don't care if you're stressing over a product launch, blog launch, a new promo at your store IRL, or whatever it is that you've spent time, energy, and resources on.

The only thing that can break your business is if you stop showing up. 

The perceived success of the moment does not define your overall success. Or value as a person.


I know it may feel like that, but so often, success is sneaky AF. It’s slow, and then it happens. When I was doing the corporate thing, the idea of the 8 year overnight success was floated around rather regularly.

We like to have these daydreams that something we’ll do will catch like wildfire, go viral, and we’ll have all the success we could ever want. And, anything less than that means total and complete failure.

I know I’ve definitely had a couple moments like that.


But the flipside of that is, those times where we dream of instant success, also could mean instant failure in our minds.

If this doesn’t take off the way it should, then what’s the point?

If this launch doesn’t do the job, why even try?

I get it. I’ve been there. But, I think the important thing to remember is, so long as you keep showing up, day in and day out, you’ll get there.

I think one of the clearest ways we see this angst and pressure is when we invest in our business. (And NO I’m not going into a pitch, I’m going into a story).


I invested the most amount of money in my business ever earlier this month. With huge dreams and goals for that investment.

Of course, when I made that decision, I was thinking clearly and rationally. I understood the potential long-term ROI.  I got it.

It was actually the same week I invested in some of the more higher end coaching that I’ve been a part of.

Yeah, I was spending money like it was going out of style.


Skip to when my big investment went live. Suddenly, all of my expectations for this thing were amplified and on a much shorter timeline in my mind.



That was all I could think about. I was holding to those desires so.fucking.tight. I was suffocating them, and they couldn’t breathe. Hell, I couldn’t fucking breathe I was so angsty.

Everything up to that point felt like a failure. Like I was literally burning through cash and wasted so much time. Then, somehow, I started to calm down. And see growth and purpose. Just because things weren’t happening the way I wanted them to/dreamt they would/attempted to “manifest” it didn’t mean they weren’t happening.

And if I’d actually let go for a minute and just let things be, I’d see the easiness in it all. And how ridiculous I was being. Because shit was happening.


As entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and bosses with passion, we want so desperately for our business to thrive. But, it can’t if we’re suffocating it. (Can’t think of how you’re doing this? How are you doing with organic and inspired content, huh? Everything in life needs some room to breathe.

Even your business.

So, take the fucking pressure off. Take some space. Let things happen.

Because I promise you, they are.

I feel like I need to be clear: I’m not saying don’t do the things. Keep fucking doing the things. Just stop having every freebie, blog post, launch turn into a mini-crisis and indicator of how successful you are or your worth as a person.



(See, I told you, no pitch! Visit me at The Sugar and Spikes Society and let me know one way you’re going to take some space and let your business do its thing.)