IDK where I'm sleeping tonight...

Not in the, "oh poor girl she needs help" kind of way. And not in the, "oh this is fun, let's go on a random adventure" type of way either.

Nope. I don't know where I'm sleeping tonight because things happen.

I was supposed to close on a house today.  Funny thing is, it's nearly a year to the day when I was turned down for a mortgage at 3 in the morning of closing. I was essentially told I'd never be able to buy a house because of my student loans. When I say I ugly-cried, that doesn't even begin to describe my response in the middle of the night.

I vowed I'd never try to buy a house ever again. What was the point right? Our mortgage guy was supposedly the best in the area. When he said no and never, I believed him. Skip to a year later. 

I went with a national lender as opposed to a local one. It started as a "let's just see" type of thing at 6am a day after I created my first personal 90 day manifestation/mindset challenge. I unexpectedly found myself with a pre-approval letter in hand. Then, a promo code to save $1500 in closing fees. My mortgage guy said that only well qualified buyers would receive that. 

I started to feel comfortable in the process. 

In fact, I felt so comfortable that a week and a half ago, I decided to alter my business trip so I could physically be at closing. It wasn’t necessary, but the house has been vacant for a while and will be vacant for a few weeks after closing as well. I wanted to get some basic security things in place to make it look like people were living there. 

Instead of flying into Toronto on Monday, I'm on a red eye into Indianapolis Friday morning. The day I was supposed to close. But, a couple days after I set up the trip, I started to hear murmurs the seller didn't have his papers together for title. 

I still kept the faith.  Up until 4 days before closing, things seemed like they would work out. 

Then Monday afternoon rolled around. Monday evening really for the seller. The papers still weren't in. This is only an issue because laws require three days between a buyer getting the final paperwork, that can only be released once the whole loan is cleared to close. In one moment in became illegal for me to close as planned. 

[side bar-When I heard the specific papers he didn't have were his LLC's articles of incorporation, I nearly lost it. Any LLC either knows where their articles are or how to get them.]

My agent said that I'd still very likely be able to spend the weekend at the house. She didn't see an issue with it. Until the seller wanted a $3000 deposit and wanted to know my intent for wanting to stay at the house.  (That was honestly another moment when I nearly lost it. )

He was acting like I was putting him out even though it was his inability to provide basic papers that got us in this situation. When my agent called and emailed multiple times to talk him down from the ridiculous $3000 deposit, he ignored her. She texted me as I was headed to the airport (1am in Fort Wayne) saying he still hadn't responded.  I got on the plane with no idea what the situation was going to be when we land. But, after I got over my initial seething over the whole situation and his attitude, I was okay. 

I looked up hotel options. There were affordable rooms available in the neighborhood. It wouldn't be my first choice, but at least I could spend the weekend walking around, getting to know my new city. I could focus on prep for my work event Tuesday. I could stay thankful that closing IS happening Monday before I drive up to Toronto. 

There are positives to be had in the situation. And, I am so thankful that I have the resources and skills to adapt to the whim of universe. I can roll with it. Because, even beyond those few positives above, it's a really great reminder about being in business, specifically being in business for yourself. 

Here’s the thing guys, every single tough situation you find yourself in is a training ground for your goals. I won't say every situation has positives; that's trite and I'm honestly not 100% sure I believe it. But, business, like life, is complicated and uncertain; things don't always (er, often?) go according to plan. How do you handle it?

When life suddenly shifts from being about the original plan to being about what you're going to do with the new plan you weren't expecting, how do you adapt and keep moving toward your goals? It's something to think about. Because, having the resources, tools, and skills to deal with it is essential to have the resilience and self-grace to keep moving on.  When your core resources for everything are solid, you can do whatever it is you want to do and take on any twists and turns along the way. 

What if you planned to launch one day but lost your file? It's rough and not fun, but there's something to be learned there. Or, what about when the perfect opportunity presents itself in the least likely of places, are you ready? I promise whether you feel ready or not, if you accept the opportunity or don't, there's something to be learned there. Things change, and most of the time, that change is challenging at best. The key is understanding your core resources, so when the time comes, you know what you have available. 

That's what a new course I'm working on is all about.  Just to be clear, I don’t mean financial resources. That is one piece, but we’re going to be looking at developing and fostering core resources them stem from personality. You're not going to want to miss this! 

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