Facet5 Deluxe

Facet5 Deluxe


The Deluxe Package is for anyone ready to dig deep, challenge themselves, and own their success.

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When you sign up for the Facet5 Deluxe Package, you receive:

  • Initial 30-minute Coffee+Call

  • The full Facet5 Assessment

  • A detailed 8+ page personality profile complete with

    • Key takeaways about each of your five personality factors

    • An overview of how the different factors interact with each other

    • Insights on how you currently navigate

      • Communication

      • Leadership opportunities

      • Professional relationships

      • Decision making

      • Planning and organizing

      • Initiative style for taking on tasks

    • Specific tips to better utilize your strengths with the topics above as ways to navigate areas of growth

  • An extended 60-minute feedback session to chat about the results and discuss tangible next steps to go out and kickass

  • An exclusive next-steps workbook to tackle that next big project or business idea using the gained information from Facet5

  • Bonus 30-minute Coffee+Call that can be used as a follow-up call or as free 30 minutes of strategy chat, it’s your call!

*Note: Please allow 24 hours from purchase to receive scheduling information for your first Coffee+Call and access to the Facet5 test.